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Walking In The Wild

When I first signed up for the Archetypal Leadership retreat with Men’s Insight, I expected to gain insights into leadership principles and strategies. What I didn’t anticipate was the transformative power of the “Solo Meditation In The Woods” exercise, which took me on an unforgettable mountain hike that tested my confidence and physical endurance in the most unexpected way.

The Archetypal Leadership retreat, explores the world of timeless leadership archetypes. It’s designed to help men develop and enhance their leadership abilities, both in their personal and professional lives. Little did I know that nature itself would become an integral part of this exploration.

One of the standout experiences of the retreat was my “Solo Meditation” experience. We were given the opportunity to trek out on our own to practice meditation in solitude, allowing us to connect with the natural environment and reflect on our leadership journey. I decided to use this opportunity to challenge myself and push my boundaries by taking on a challenging mountain hike.

As I set off on the trail, I was immediately struck by the stunning beauty of the wilderness around me. Towering trees, the soothing sound of the breeze, and the fresh mountain air created the perfect backdrop for my meditation. I found a quiet spot near an outcrop of rocks and settled in for my solo practice. It’s difficult to put into words how this session of meditation practice was different from others, but somehow it was, profoundly. I may share more on that in another post. 

The hike was not without its challenges. The terrain was steep, and the path often led to narrow cliffside trails that required careful navigation. With each step, I felt a sense of exhilaration and trepidation, mirroring the complex emotions that leaders often face when navigating uncharted territories.

As I walked deeper into the wild, I allowed my mind to wander freely. I reflected on the leadership archetypes we had discussed in the retreat—The Hero, The Sage, The Lover, and others. Each archetype represented different facets of leadership, and I found myself identifying with aspects of each as I journeyed through the mountainous terrain.

The solo meditation in the woods allowed me to confront my fears and doubts, just as leaders must confront the uncertainties of their roles. It also provided a space for self-discovery, helping me better understand my strengths and areas where I needed growth as a leader.

The pinnacle of the hike was reaching the summit, where a breathtaking panoramic view awaited me. I felt a profound sense of accomplishment and clarity. It was here, amidst the beauty of the natural world, that I realized the true essence of leadership—finding the courage to explore the unknown, embrace challenges, and guide others on a shared journey.

As I descended from the mountain, I couldn’t help but feel a deep sense of gratitude for the solo exercise and the Archetypal Leadership retreat as a whole. The experience had pushed me to my limits, allowing me to draw upon various leadership archetypes within myself and emerge with a greater understanding of my own leadership potential.

The Archetypal Leadership retreat had not only enriched my understanding of leadership but had also instilled in me a newfound connection to nature and its role in self-discovery. As I rejoined my fellow participants, I knew that the solo meditation exercise had been a defining moment in everyone’s journey, one that I’m sure we will all carry with us as a testament to the transformative power of nature and introspection.

— Victor

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